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Physical Therapy


Compassionate care for your pelvic floor and more. Would you like to move your body confidently and without leaking urine poop? Need some help managing constipation or pelvic organ prolapse or pelvic pain? Maybe you are confused about the best way while pregnant or what to do now that you have a diastasis rectus abdominis. I would love to help you clear up the confusion and put strategies in place to solve your problem. 

Establishing care always begins with a Physical Therapy Evaluation. In this appointment, we will begin with a conversation. I want to learn about you as a person as well as the problem that you would like help with. Once that groundwork is established we will move on to a physical exam where your comfort is my top priority. You will come away from this session with a better understanding of your problem, some things to work on at home,  and a plan. 

Follow Up Treatment Session


In physical therapy treatment sessions, we will be building on the plan established initially and reassessing frequently to assure that you are making progress towards the things that are important to you. A typical treatment involves a combination of exercise, hands on care and strategy coaching. 

Patient Testimonial: "Emily was quick to help me address my issues with core and pelvic issues. She was helpful in guiding me with what to start with and how to continue further. Emily is an amazing resource to the Kalamazoo area!"

Community &  Professional Education

Time Varies

I am a crusader for Pelvic Health. Click here to see the latest offerings

Or shoot me an email to start the process of booking me to speak with your group. 


Group Fitness

Lunchtime Strength Training. 6-week session begging Jan 21. Details Here.

Kundalini Yoga. 6-week session begging Jan 21. Details Here.


Massage Therapy

She Oak Healing with Teesha Bancroft

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