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Should I See a Physical Therapist After Giving Birth?

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Women’s Health has long been a taboo subject. In the past, truths of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum were rarely openly discussed. I am excited to see a shift in society and welcome the increased discussion around Women’s Health. However, the flood of information to new parents can be very overwhelming. My goal is to help new parents better understand the role of physical therapy pre and postpartum, and help parents make a more informed decision.

First things first, what can physical therapy do for new moms? The following list gives a glimpse of the common pregnancy and postpartum issues that I work with moms on.

Body pain

Leaking pee with lifting, sneezing, coughing, etc

Unable to control your urge to pee


A bulging feeling in your vagina

Unable to control gas

Pain with breastfeeding

Pain with sex

At New Seasons Physical Therapy we are specialists in this field and devote much of our resources to helping new moms feel confident. So, with that, “Should I see a Physical Therapist after Giving Birth?” This is a topic that has recently gained publicity on social media and within our own profession. At New Seasons we have discussed this idea a lot, and do not feel like a blanket Yes or No answer can be given to this question. However, there are definitely times in which it will be beneficial

The female body goes through so many changes during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. Oftentimes, you will feel a disconnect to your body and may be afraid to return to previous activities/exercise. In this case, seeing a Women’s Health physical therapist can be vital to regaining awareness, confidence and control in your life.

Or perhaps you felt fine initially, but once you started returning to prior activities you began noticing some symptoms. Is leaking, pain, heaviness or constipation keeping you from doing the things you need/want to do? If this is the case, you would benefit from seeing a physical therapist. We will address your symptoms and find strategies to help you reach your goals.

Overall, there are many benefits to working with a Women’s Health physical therapist during the pre-natal/postpartum experience. However, I am also a mom myself and understand how overwhelming this time can be. Scheduling a visit with a physical therapist can sound like a daunting and unrealistic addition to an already jam packed day. I understand this, and work hard to find strategies and tools that will help you succeed on your own. Many new moms that I work with only need a few sessions before they are able to notice big changes.

If you think scheduling an evaluation with a physical therapist would be helpful, but just cannot justify it at this time, I want to assure you that when you are ready we will be here to help. The body is resilient and can adapt or learn new strategies at almost any time. You do not have to suffer with conditions previously considered “par for the course”.

If you want to learn more about how I can help you, we offer a free 15 minute phone consultation. Visit to schedule your free phone call today.

If you know that seeing a physical therapist is the next right move and are ready to schedule an evaluation you can either call us to get scheduled or schedule online at I look forward to meeting you and helping you embrace your role as “Mama”.


This blog was brought to you with love by Dr. Keesha Shankle.

All too often at New Seasons we hear,

"I wish I would have known there was help for this 20 years ago."

Please help us change this story for women by sharing this with a loved one today.

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