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About Dr. Emily Wilson

I am a women’s health consultant helping women to find simple compelling solutions that allow them to harness strength and confidence and spend more time being present with people and activities they love.


So often women believe that they are damaged and must suffer if their bodies look or feel different.


They often feel disconnected with their bodies and afraid of movement unless someone else tells them what to do through an endless series of hands-on treatments or exercise protocols. 


But what I know and believe is that people don’t need fixing, they are perfectly capable and resilient as they are and simply need a guide that helps them do more with less and illuminates the path to a full healthy life beyond condition or circumstance. 


I’ve spent 10 years practicing as a physical therapist, serving as a speaker and mentor, and successfully navigating my own health journey. In that process I’ve helped (thousands of) women tap into their body’s wisdom to regain connection and purpose and feel excited to keep moving forward.


Board-Certified in

Women's Health Physical Therapy

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Proud Member Of:
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About Dr. Keesha Shankle

I am an advocate for the health and well being of women and an expert in movement. My experience as a physical therapist, mom and athlete have guided me towards this specialty. I help females better understand their body and feel more confident within their daily activities. 


Our society has long perpetuated negative feelings and symptoms in association with the changes that the female body goes through during the lifespan. My goal is to turn this model on its head. Through helpling women connect to their core system and using this connection to feel strong and confident with movement, I help them embrace the amazing things their body can do. 


I am passionate about improving knowledge and respect of the female body in our youth and setting the stage for success as these young women move through puberty and beyond. My strategy for treatment is to listen, observe and develop a plan with you. This plan will optimize your body's ability to move and heal. I want you to leave the clinic feeling empowered and equipped for life’s journeys.


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