Every day I am honored my patients choose me to guide them toward better health. At my core, I believe the human body is strong, stable and resilient. But despite our innate ability to heal, sometimes we need professional expertise to help facilitate that healing. Plus, I realize the nature of this type of therapy may feel embarrassing for some, so I work hard to create a space that’s comfortable, open and safe for my patients.

I completed my undergraduate studies at Alma College where I majored in Exercise and Health Science. I ran varsity cross country and track and participated in exercise and altitude physiology research. I went on to earn my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at Oakland University where I was part of a research team that examined fatigue in women undergoing radiation treatment for breast cancer. This work was later published in Rehabilitation Oncology, the peer reviewed Journal of the Oncology Section of the American Physical Therapy Association.  


It was at Oakland that I was first introduced to the pelvic health specialty. As a student, I attended the first course in a four-part series through the Herman and Wallace Institute for Pelvic Rehabilitation. In 2015, I completed this series with the capstone seminar. 


Life took me to Saint Louis, Missouri, where I had the opportunity to study with the North American Institute of Manual Therapy and worked closely with a skilled Urogynecologist. 


Upon moving back to Michigan, I took a position with a hospital system that allowed me greater one-on-one time with my patients. This luxury of longer visits helped me grow as a clinician, and provided an opportunity to delve deeper into the lifestyle topics of stress, sleep, diet and general fitness that are so crucial to healing.


But the thing that really drove home the importance of this work was experiencing the benefits of pelvic rehabilitation for myself. After my first pregnancy and delivery, I was not "bouncing back” like I expected. I had to work hard, first by coordinating my pelvic floor muscles with my abdominals and diaphragm, then putting those pieces into challenging workouts to build strength and endurance.


Fast forward to 2017 and the founding of New Seasons Physical Therapy and Wellness, PLC. I am grateful to be able to offer comprehensive care at a fair and transparent price — that always begins with a respectful and warm conversation about my patient’s concerns, symptoms and story.


Serving in private practice has also given me the flexibility to explore new adventures like teaching and involvement in the Michigan Physical Therapy Association. I’m excited to contribute my expertise in pelvic and women’s health as an adjunct instructor in the Western Michigan University Doctor of Physical Therapy Program.


So now, you. How much would the quality of your life be improved if you could exercise without leaking, live without pelvic pain, leave home without fear of bowel accidents, feel strong after childbirth, or be relieved of constipation? I want to help — and I have a variety of solutions that can make a lasting difference. I want to help you get back to the life you love.


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