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Emily and Keesha chatting in lobby

Welcome to our healing space


Recovery Begins Here.

Is pelvic pain, urinary incontinence or bowel dysfunction keeping you from living your best life? Tired of hearing that pain during pregnancy is something you need to suffer through?

If you are ready to take an active role in a program that offers lasting change then pelvic rehabilitation may be for you. 


You're One Conversation Away

From Better Pelvic Health.

I am here to listen. Tell me your story and what is important to you. Considering this information I will begin to observe your movements and test relevant joints and muscles. I will explain what I find and together we will begin to develop a plan to address your problem. Often times we will begin treatment on that first visit. 


Your Story Matters.

Treatments are completely customized and determined by your goals. If you are having pain with sitting at work then we may end up working together at your office to find solutions. If your goal is to return to running then we need to get outside and run, making form tweaks as necessary. You will leave your treatment with a short list of things to work on at home. 

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You will be heard.


Did you know doctors spend an average of just eleven seconds listening to a patient before interrupting them? Perhaps you’ve even experienced this yourself. I believe in providing personalized care — and I’m all ears.


I founded this practice to provide solutions that help you fully participate in your life and experience better pelvic health — and that starts with listening to your story.


Do you wish you could exercise, laugh or leave your home without pain or fear of having an accident? Would you like to feel strong again? Let’s create an action plan to help you achieve your personal goals, reclaim your dignity and regain control.

 Emily Wilson PT. DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy


“You’ve changed my life! You have given me hope and health, and placed it in my control. I have the freedom to do the things that scared me before. May you feel the positive impact you are having on lives and bright futures. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” 


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